Chicken Little - Rebecca Emberley, Ed Emberley

There are many renditions of this story. This one begins with an acorn falling on chicken little’s head, then him thinking that the sky is falling. Before analyzing the situation, Chicken Little panics and runs to warn everyone else that the sky is falling. Everyone that he runs into believes him and joins him on his journey. They end up running into a fox, who offers his mouth as a cave for them to hide in. Before the fox has the chance to swallow the animals, he accidentally sneezes them out, which is the end of the story. Chicken Little’s lack of analyzing the situation almost leads to him and his friends getting eaten!


This can be used in the classroom for sequencing; students can sequence the events or the characters that chicken little runs into. It can also be used to discuss making assumptions and not thinking before acting, and how that can lead to trouble.



  • Lexile Measure: AD500L